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Overcoming the fear of water is the first step to excel in swimming. Likewise, overcoming the fear of maths is the first step towards excelling in your quantitative section of the exams. All the best! Most students Data Sufficiency is the trickiest part of GMAT and a question type that gives sleepless nights to all aspirants.

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You will get What is the SAT examiner trying to find in the Quantitative section? Is it your Maths skills or something else? Attend this i You don't have to lose your sleep over Statistics. Some simple understanding of statistical terminology can help you overcome Geometry can be overwhelming to some, due to the sheer number of formulae, theorems and relationships involved. This session If you feel your Maths knowledge is enough to bail you out in this section of SAT, then beware.

Most students are found wanti Students tend to get overwhelmed by questions on Probability.

Join this session and learn the concepts of Probability that wi Join this session and learn the questions of Probability that w This is the last session of Data Interpretation for the CAT and in this session we will be covering an important type of data Please mention the topic of your choice in your comments while booking the session. You may choose to increase the number of hours, as per your requirement. Here is a list of topics you can choose from:.

You may increase the number of hours as per your requirement. You may choose to increase the time of the session as per your requirement. Doubt solving or topic review of any CAT quant topic of your choice. Manish Salian is now accepting personalised tutoring session requests, starting at. One Account. Everything QS Leap. With that being said, unlike law and medical degrees, there is no license or certification that you must obtain in order to practice.

This among other things has led to a huge number of MBA programs on the market; some of them much better than others. This does not mean that they are inferior or worse than an MBA degree however.

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For example, the Masters of Accounting degree is very popular; mainly because its curriculum offers more financial courses and almost always provides the coursework necessary to become a licensed CPA. The curriculum of most MBA programs covers a wide variety of business subjects and contains mostly required coursework. Most schools allow you to choose an MBA concentration area if you wish. If you want to take more graduate level coursework in a particular area i. Marketing and eschew the business courses in areas that you have no desire to study at the graduate level, than another graduate business degree would probably be a better option.

You do not have to have an undergraduate degree in business to be admitted to or be successful in an MBA program. But, if you do not have an undergraduate degree in business, or some undergraduate business coursework under your belt, it may take longer to earn your degree. The majority of MBA programs have foundation coursework that must be taken as a prerequisite for other required courses in the program. These courses can be waived if you took its equivalent at the undergraduate level. The schools do have different requirements in regards to if a course can be waived or not.

These requirements can be a minimum grade, having taken the course in the recent past, the accreditation of the school where you took the course, etc.

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Have your transcript reviewed, and have your advisor confirm this ahead of time if this is an issue for you. You do not need to have professional work experience to be admitted into an MBA program.

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This use to be commonplace, but today it is mostly the top-tier, full-time MBA programs that require this. No; although I would encourage those who are applying to several MBA programs to just go ahead and take it. Yes, it is long and it is expensive.

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Not every MBA program requires it. However you would be barred from those who do require it. However, the average GMAT score among all test takers is , which is good enough to qualify you for entrance into some well known B-schools make sure you couple it with a good GPA however. Many schools will also accept GRE scores a plus if you are thinking about applying to non-MBA graduate programs as well …but make sure you check on this with the school you are applying to first.

Yes, there is a difference between earning your MBA part-time and earning it full-time; and at some schools, the differences can be drastic.

Many full-time MBA programs operate off the cohort model; where you are admitted into the program and you and your peers move through the program in lock-step fashion, completing all your coursework sequentially. Take a detailed look at all 4 question formats in Integrated Reasoning. Experience the Quantum learning environment and get a taste of our interactive teaching style.

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