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Teaching lessons on Manifest Destiny to a middle school social studies class by Kevin J Ryan 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Three-domensional velocity and concentration measurements of turbulent mixing in discrete hole film cooling flows by Kevin J Ryan 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry MRV and Magnetic Resonance Concentration MRC are used to measure the three-dimensional, three-component, time-averaged velocity and scalar concentration fields of ten different discrete hole film cooling configurations.

Seven of these configurations feature variations in the mainstream flow, covering changes in streamwise pressure gradient, incoming boundary layer thickness, and injection wall curvature, as well as a baseline case on a flat wall with nominally zero pressure gradient and moderate boundary layer thickness. All configurations use a single film cooling hole with circular cross-section inclined 30 degrees and aligned with the streamwise direction of the mainstream flow.

The remaining three configurations have nominal mainstream conditions, but include modifications to the film cooling hole to introduce three-dimensional complexity: a skewed film cooling hole, injected at a 30 degrees angle with the mainstream flow; an array of three film cooling holes that interact with one another; and a shaped hole with a non-circular cross-section that diffuses into an expanded exit.

A separate water channel is constructed for each configuration, and each experiment is operated at a nominal blowing ratio of unity.

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The penetration of the jet of fluid from the film cooling hole into the mainstream flow, measurable in both the velocity and concentration fields, is sensitive to the thickness of the mainstream boundary layer at the point of injection. Evidence of this effect is seen in both the boundary layer and pressure gradient cases, with mainstream acceleration and deceleration due to the pressure gradients causing thinning and thickening of the boundary layer.

Mainstream acceleration also strengthens the counter-rotating vortex pair CVP , the dominant secondary flow feature for discrete hole film cooling flows. Increasing the strength of the CVP increases the tortuous path for fluid injected from the film cooling hole, but this effect is partially balanced by the stretching effect of the mainstream acceleration. The distinguishing feature of the skewed hole configuration is the development of a single dominant vortex that remains strong throughout the jet region in the mainstream flow.

This single vortex preferentially entrains low concentration fluid from the mainstream and low velocity, high turbulence fluid from the boundary layer into one side of the jet region, causing asymmetric mixing and spread of the jet concentration and velocity contours.

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Mixing of low concentration fluid under the jet decreases the film cooling performance of the skewed jet as compared to the unskewed baseline geometry. The multihole experiment, having an array of three holes, is oriented with one central downstream hole and two flanking holes on either side upstream. The upstream holes are offset 2D on either side of the center hole, and located 3.

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He gives us a unique glimpse into the daily lives of the hardworking men and women around us - people who deserve greater recognition for their invaluable contributions. Gary Willie E.

Excerpt from book: Chapter Xv. On the third night the feast was once more prepared in the hall of the great house that had been set aside to the use of Cleopatra, and on this night its splendour was Critical Readings: Sport, Culture and the Media contains a broad range of essays on the relationships between sport, culture and the media. Featuring a mixture of classic works and recent texts, the Reader provides students, lecturers and researchers with an essential core of readings on the topic.

The readings examine media and sport in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa and explore topics such as: Sport as entertainment: the role of mass communications In addition to starring in big budget Hollywood films, he has played in films produced by independent producers and art houses.

Bale first caught the public eye at the age of 13, when he was cast in the starring role of Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. He played an English boy who is separated from his parents and subsequently finds himself lost in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. He has Excerpt from book: sir, having Miss Maryon to take care of her; but, you may rely upon it that I will guard them both—-faithful and true. Shirley Hazzard is one of Australia's most significant expatriate authors, and a major international literary figure by any measure.

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Her work has been extensively and extravagantly praised by writers and reviewers, such as Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Ford: 'If there has to be one best writer working in English today it's Shirley Hazzard. Brainerd, The first people began arriving at the depot at about eleven-thirty p. The mercury in the thermometer read twenty below zero, and it was still dropping. A few minutes before midnight, the men the crowd had come to see marched into view--eighty-two of them, all dressed in khakis, responding on cue to barked commands.

The conductor called "all aboard.

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As the crowd Fiction that takes a hard edge to illness"These edgy, heartfelt, wryly humorous stories, told from the authentic viewpoints of both young doctors and a wide canvas of patients, are wonderfully engrossing. They tell us what it's really like to doctor, to patient, to suffer and to redeem. A joy to read. Graham Turner has completely rewritten his original work and expanded on the history of tackle across two centuries.

If you are one of the collectors using his definitive reference guide from , you will find the new tome is twice the size A4, pages and illustrations.

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Every chapter introduces new models including Allcock's, Farlow's Hardy Bros, while an Aerial Model Perfect is recorded that has never appeared in any other publication. The information on sidecasters Sign in or become a Readings Member to add this title to a wishlist. Format Hardback. Prometheus Books. Ryan Are you tired of hearing that Islam is really a religion of peace while beheadings of prisoners are broadcast on the Internet, fiendishly clever terrorist plots are continuously uncovered, and carnage in Iraq has become a routine occurrence?