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Week 6 - The Four Horsemen of the Teaching Apocalypse: Center for Transformative Teaching

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Going After Cacciato Lesson Plans. Going After Cacciato lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all Going After Cacciato lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Last Chance to See Lesson Plans. Audio from our 'Ask Me Anything' broadcast on Facebook. We fielded multiple listener questions and gave away free LPH merchandise! Episode 37 - Teaching a Horse to be Trained On. Escape and avoidance of pressure is something all horses will do naturally; using the reactive side of their brain instead of thinking their way through a training scenario.

If not addressed, horses will develop chronic habits of resistance when exposed to the least amount of pressure. Hypersensitive horses are often fearful and worried about pressure itself. Instead of slowing down and thinking their way out of a bind, they look for ways to shirk pressure and run away from the rider's hands and legs.

Gain Sideways Control

Dull, lazy or bad-minded horses often interpret any amount of pressure as the beginning of a fight. They brace themselves for a struggle instead of thinking about yielding to pressure and finding a release that way. In this episode, Jake and Amy discuss two horses whose personalities are polar opposites: A hypersensitive nervous filly, and a dull resistant gelding.

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Using these horses as examples, the clinicians dive into the different tactics and methods you can employ to create better mental habits around exposing your horse to pressure, and the training process itself. Episode 36 - Introducing Amy Keegel. Our sponsor for this episode is Drinking Post Waterers!

Jake answers a question from Stephanie, who wants to compete more successfully in ranch riding, obstacle course and trail competitions with her 10yo ranch-bred quarter horse gelding. Episode 34 - Thoughts on Curb Bit Progression. So you're ready to graduate out of the snaffle In this episode we present a general overview of the tried-and-true shank bits we turn to when advancing our horses.

Groundwork exercises and tips for spooky horses, and a basic gestalt of our hobbling regimen.

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We contrast two different horses; one encountered at a recent clinic, and another that's been in training with Lundahl Performance for several weeks. We discuss when tiptoeing around issues and taking baby steps is appropriate, and when it's time to scale up the intensity and your expectations for your horse. Leather Reins. Making strategic use of suppling exercises at the jog will greatly improve the way your horse operates at the lope. Luke discusses this and fields listener questions about establishing direction vs. We detail our training of 4 select two-year-old reining horses during ; the unique challenges each one presented, and the progress they made.

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In Part 3 we recap our experiences with "Cobra," a gelding; and "Kia," a filly. Groundwork is important, but there are some problems under saddle that can fly under the radar until they're fully provoked. Success leaves clues. We look up to many successful people and draw inspiration from their accomplishments. But on an organizational level, none compare to the team-building and innovation of Hendrick Motorsports.

Being racing fans ourselves, we've long wanted to emulate this idea of bringing motivated people together to achieve great things. In this Xtra, Jake delves into a few examples of Hendrick leadership and innovation, and the lessons we can apply in the horse world. In part 2 we detail our experience with "Denali," a mare sired by Shiner's Voodoo Dr. In part 1 we detail our experience with "Shooter," a stallion owned by Lundahl Performance. We recap standout moments from , preview our upcoming episodes, and reveal our Hosemen's Academy project.

Exercise Snapshot: Turning Around on the Foot. We hope you enjoy this audio snapshot of this essential exercise. Roundtable Discussion on Respect. Episode 27 - Falling Apart at the Show. If we want a horse to step up to the plate, shoulder some responsibility and become a dependable teammate we can rely on when the chips are down, we have to transition from a "teaching" stage to a "do it now" stage at some point in our program.

Whether we're conquering obstacles or dialing in our maneuvers, we have to eventually step up our demands; challenging the horse to stay mentally engaged while respecting our judgement and leadership. If we don't have this mutual trust established, then we'll always struggle away from home or when the elements change. It's not a matter of IF we get chumped So how do we avoid such scenarios? In this episode we detail our thoughts on that, and the practical steps we can take to evolve out of the 'teaching' mindset and start thinking like confident and effective showmen.

We field multiple training and behavioral questions from Facebook. We offer a different take on buddy sour behavior between two horses and how, with some help and a little creativity, you can firmly put the issue to rest.

Then we delve into some common mistakes during the rundown and the sliding stop itself, and how to correct them. We continue on our theme of rundowns and stops by talking about three specific problems that typically surface throughout the course of training. Regardless of what steps we take to address problems that may arise, the fact remains. We've had multiple questions from cutting and cow horse owners facing similar problems with colts being fractious and mentally 'lost' during herd work sessions.

Having addressed each problem specifically, we wanted to step back and expand on the overall mindset angle: How to approach these issues and go about correcting a horse that's fallen into such reactive habits. In this Xtra we stress the importance of challenging your horse to mentally engage and commit to his job; in your warmup sessions, on a day-to-day training level, and as part of a long-term development strategy to cultivate habits of 'mental softness' and respect in young horses. Episode 24 - Fencing Two Year Olds.

We kick off the episode with a question on hard-to-catch horses, and a creative way of establishing good catching habits within a group. Then we detail how to set your young horse up for success and advance his stopping program further with Fencing — the quintessential schooling exercise. If a horse is running over top of you while you're trying to desensitize him, take a step back and examine whether the issue at hand is really fear, or a lack of respect. In this episode we deal with a horse that seems fearful AND disrespectful at the same time. We also detail how we like to correct buddy sourness on the trail and instill good mental habits in a horse.

Finally, we continue our series on advanced stops by discussing the "Cigar Exercise" for rundowns, and how to structure your rides throughout the week to build confidence and skill in young performance horses! When a horse isn't truly soft or broke through the body, effective troubleshooting becomes nearly impossible. Cherry-picking exercises like yielding the hindquarters, to suit an immediate need in a maneuver that's falling apart, will only lead to more trouble and expose the holes in your horse's foundation.

We discuss this pitfall many riders find themselves in, and continue our Advanced Stopping series with tips for introducing a light draw on the reins during the stop. On a young or inexperienced horse, we introduce rundowns in a methodical way that builds the horse's confidence. Expanding on the preparatory work we've done with stopping off the word "whoa" and a light draw on the reins, we'll begin using transitions to build habits of softness and responsiveness during the rundown phase itself.

Prior to the Advanced Horsemanship segment, we address concerns about headset and offer our philosophy on head carriage and collection issues. Recently we brought a 3-year-old with a serious bucking habit into our program. We also continue our Advanced Horsemanship series on stops; detailing additional drills to get the horse stopping well off the fence and prepare him for a true sliding stop.

Horseman's Academy Podcast

We provide solutions for dealing with an aggressive horse beating up his herd-mates in the pasture, and what to do if your horse becomes aggressive or dominant toward nearby horses under saddle. We highlight the reasons why the turnaround — not the backup — is your best asset when teaching a horse to fully commit to the stop. The One Rein Stop is a simple foundational exercise.