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Mohapatra January Orissa Review. Government of Odisha. District Portal: Dhenkanal. Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Trilochan Dash. Starza The Indian Express. Retrieved 15 June Other Languages. Rock paintings from upper paleolithic. Prehistoric human rock shelter with inscriptions. Dhauli , Bhubaneswar. Ancient fort with a moat and surviving ramparts of 9 metres.

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Chausathi Jogini Temple. Hypaethral temple for 64 Yoginis in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. Buddhist monastery built by the Bhauma-Kara dynasty.

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Shiva temple built during reign of the Somavamsis. Vaishnava temple built by Eastern Ganga dynasty kings. Built by the Eastern Ganga dynasty. Shiva temple constructed by Narasingha Deva I. Shiva temple built during the reign of the Gajapati dynasty. Temple built during Maratha occupation of Orissa. In the mid way in Odisha, there is a place called Sitabinji.

Located in the Ghatagan Police station, the twin villages Sitabhinji and Dengaposi stand on the river Sita which contain ancient fresco paintings on a number of natural rock shelters in the hills. The tempera painting stands far a Royal Procession which depicts a royal figure seated on an elephant with a sword in his hand.

A band of footmen lead the procession followed by a horseman and a dancing woman. The royal figure is depicted as being followed by an attendant woman too. This place is very much important and proper research may yield some good results. Now, we will go back to Sonepur or Subaranapur. As per Dr. Also it has been mentioned that the Raja of Lanka was Ravana. Alongwith, Dr. Sankalia, Professor emeritus at Pune University and Dr.

A series of excavations took place in that area, which resulted in surprising facts.

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Sahu further asserts that, according to Balmiki, the ancient sage and narrator, Lanka is close to the Mahendra Giri hill which is in the Gajapati district of Odisha. Other places mentioned in the epic are Subhlanka, which could be Subhalgiri in Odisha, and Bilanka, which could be Binika near Sonepur. Also in that area, Hanuman is disrespected and they burnt his effigy as a mark of contempt. This is contrary to the traditions elsewhere in the country. Historians further argue that while in Sri Lanka there is no folk tale or legend about the epic events, the Binjhal tribe in Sambhalpur have several such tales about the mythic Lanka.

Women of the Orang tribe sing folk songs about Ravana. These tribesmen also perform Meghnad Yatra annually and Bonda girls in the Koraput district of Orissa have their heads clean, claiming that they have been cursed by Sita. Gandhamardan Hills or Gandhamardan parbat is a hill located in between Balangir and Bargarh district of Odisha.

According to Ramayana, Lord Hanuman carried this hill on his shoulders from Himalayas to save the life of Lakshman.

Inscriptions of Orissa with Special Reference to Subarnapur

In the Tretaya Yug the Silver Age , Jambavan the unerring counselor of Ram had suggested Hanuman to bring Bisalyakarani ere dawn, so that Laxman would rise back to life. It was in the middle of the war between Lord Ram and Ravan. Hanuman failed to identify the particular herb and carried on his shoulders a huge Himalayan mass. While flying above and proceeding toward Lanka the kingdom of Ravan , a portion dropped down. Gandhamardan is synonymous to that portion only.

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At northern slope of this hill the Nrusinghanath Temple is located; whereas on the southern slope of this hill is the famous Harishankar Temple located. Mahendragiri, a mountain range, also found an important place in the great Epic. The Mahendra mountain is associated with east direction which clearly says that it is non other than eastern ghats. It is associated with mythological stories from the Ramayana as Mahendra Parvata mountain. In the P uranas and Mahabharta that Parshurama practiced penance for a long time on the Mahendra mountain. The mountain Mahendragiri is situated in Gajapati district,Odisha.

Next, we have Koshal region in Odisha. This area had been identified as the home of Koshalya or the home of maternal grandfather of Rama. Meanwhile, in Odisha, we have a state flower whose botanical name is Saraca asoca. In hindi we call it as Ashoka flower but in Odisha, we call it Sita-Ashoka??? As we already stated that this is merely a concept, which is still in premature stage.

Researches are going on in this and we all know someday we will get to know something new. But can it be ignored???

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