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Their quest will carry them on an epic journey through all five Dominions, from the barbaric, glittering city fo Yzordderrex to the haunted peaks of the Jokalaylau mountains, from the hallowed walls of Patashoqua to the very border of the greatest mystery of all: the First Dominion, on the other side of which lies the Holy City of the Unbeheld, where either their highest hopes or deepest fears will be realized.

None of them will remain unchanged by the journey.

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Nor will the reader who accompanies them. Imajica is a novel of vast panoramas and intimate, obsessive passions; of visionary splendors and heart-stopping terrors. It is also a book of revelations. Long after you have turned the final page, you will be yearning for its wonders, and believing they are just a breath away. Place Order. No interaction is entirely honest in this novel, and there are secrets and magic buried behind even the most seemingly innocuous act.

Clive Barker once again demonstrates his extraordinary imagination, unveiling a landscape of tremendous vastness and complexity that maps the human mind as much as anything. The pure weirdness of Imajica cannot be overstated. In no other novel, for example, could our heroes meet Jesus Christ in an insane asylum, and then be married by Him.

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His exploration of gender is fascinating if, at times, slightly heavy-handed for my taste. However, some of the issues he raises are more pertinent now than in , when the novel was original published, showing the timelessness and importance of his themes. In some respects, he was almost too ahead of the curve, writing about non-binary and gender-fluid characters in a way that can perhaps be greater appreciated now than at the time of publication.

Barker never flinches from darkness.

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And whilst Imajica is unlike Books of Blood or The Damnation Game in that horror is not the central focus, there are memorable encounters in this tome that will raise your hair and shatter your sleep-cycle. In one scene, not for the faint of heart, a creature of the God Hapexamendios rips the soul of a little girl from her body whilst physically abusing her. However, this horrifying scene is certainly not written gratuitously or for entertainment, but as a powerful statement on the crimes of man specifically the male gender.

It offers the glimmer of true reconciliation with ourselves, our world, and most profoundly, with those we love who were lost to us.

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He has edited some of the best new voices in speculative fiction including Ross Jeffery, Emily Harrison, Christa Wojciechowski, and more. Once, he killed in the name of the gods.

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Following on from the events of Gods of the Black Gate. Craig Smiley was once one of the most dangerous serial killers the world had ever known. He killed in the name of seven dark gods. Now, betrayed and offered up as a sacrifice by the very deities he served, Smiley finds himself transported to a mysterious realm beyond the Black Gate. On a quest for revenge, and possibly redemption, Smiley will face the gods that made him, and kill for the very last time.

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