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We hope you enjoy our products! Your patient weighs lbs. What is the correct bolus dose and infusion rate? Phase II determines drug pharmacokinetics II. Phase II determines LD Answers and Explanations 1. The goals of a phase I trial include determining the safe dose range, adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of the experimental drug. A phase II clinical trial determines whether the drug works and should be further tested, its adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, and therapeutic dose.

A phase III clinical trial compares this new treatment to a standard treatment. Do not administer nitrates with phosphodiesterase inhibitors because they markedly increase hypotension. They're 'mind-numbing' boring to read, frustrating to use and way more complex than necessary. It just paralyzes and demoralizes effective test preparation… … NOT exactly the most direct route from where you are now to a passing score.


They don't have a full-time, dedicated staff to write their NAPLEX practice tests and study guides for this test or any other they sell. One day the corporate writer may be working on a cookbook or romance novel. Do we need to look any further into why so many test takers routinely fail this test and lose their dreams they worked so hard to achieve? You don't have to risk your career studying for the most important exam in your life in 'trial and error' test prep.

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You don't have to give-up the 'dream career' you worked so hard to achieve. You don't have to delay your career and lose thousands of dollars in income you need. Reactions: sahasrabuddhe , Lina Me , DutchJ and 6 others. Jan 10, 44 10 Status Pre-Pharmacy. Quam said:. Thanks for sharing! Did you feel rushed? Did the math problems take longer to do?

Reactions: Quam.

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Aug 2, 1 1. You were exactly right! I felt exactly how you did after the test I felt like I had guessed on way more than I should have. I ended up with a 93!

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So thankful for posts like yours that helped me keep calm after the test. My test had easy math.. Thanks, again!!!

Scared as heck coz I know I won't be able to finish reading all chapters in RxPrep. Any advice would be soooo appreciated. I've got most of the math down but struggling with disease states.

Reactions: Quam and barberer. So make sure you know brand and generic and combos for HIV, Oncology side effect treatment ChemoMan , ID 2,3,4 1st lines for all the other disease states I literally would just write down what medications would be used as 1st line and anything significant side effects. You can make your own notes on it. Like those basic questions you were asked during therapetic exams. Easy points Compounding sterile and non-sterile know garbing, ISO, excipients non-sterile etc basic!

I would recommend doing the drug reference chapter too! Easy points on the exam!

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I think you will be fine! Turn off your phone and social media and get some coffee and GO! Trust me you know more than you think!

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Foriegn ex-rph. Aug 19, 56 I started working as pharmacy tech in US 3 years ago and started working at the same time on passing my equivalency tests. But, honestly ,I forgot everything about what i studied and barely remember which med belong to which class. I feel I started pharmacy school all over again and i do not have a single clue how to study.

I have rx prep do you think it is different from or edition?? Frieda9 said:.

I failed Naplex with Does anyone have by chance Pass Naplex Now question bank to sell it to me on a lower price or to share it with me? Rxprep calc are too easy now, i already know what they ask and the answers.

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I cried 3 days after i saw my score. I am already an European pharmacist, but i struggle to pass Naplex. Thank you for reading my post and i hope ill find somebody who will resonate with me! Best of luck for all test takers! TMir said:.